Excellent Forest School First Aid Training In Hampshire

‘Forest School First Aid’ is designed for individuals who work in or supervise educational activities in outdoor environments. It’s especially good for those teaching young people in wooded locations or other natural settings.

This type of training is ideal for anyone who provides children with hands-on learning which helps them develop a love of nature.

We can help you deal with the unique challenges and risks associated with outdoor and forest school settings. 

Our experts can provide you with the knowledge and skills to provide appropriate first aid in remote or outdoor locations. That includes those where professional medical assistance may be a long way away.

Typical first aid training can include topics like managing emergencies, dealing with injuries, and recognising common outdoor related conditions, including hypothermia, heat exhaustion, and allergic reactions.

You’ll also learn how to move and transport injured individuals from outdoor areas safely.

Benefit from an expert with years of experience.

Fresh Air Training is committed to providing forest school leaders and other professionals with the necessary skills to protect the safety and well-being of participants in outdoor educational settings.

Our courses focus on the unique challenges associated with providing first aid in remote or natural environments. Recently, we’ve been proud to have been awarded the best first aid training provider in Hampshire for 2023.

Introducing our ITC Forest School and Paediatric Combined First Aid Course

Taking place over two days, this 16 hour first aid course is ideal for anyone working or leading in the outdoors. It also meets the needs of Forest School Practitioners up to Level 3. You will receive units which are tailored to the exact needs of your group, with this type of training run on request. That means we’re always happy to come to a venue of your choice.

Since we are combining two courses, you will receive 2 certificates upon successful completion.

If you’re seeking Forest First Aid Training in Hampshire, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.