Highly Recommended RYA First Aid Courses In Dorset

Anyone who regularly works or participates in boating can benefit from a first-aid course. 

If any medical emergency happens out at sea, your skills can prove to be invaluable. Whether someone suffers from cold shock or hypothermia, or you need to place them in a recovery position in a smaller vessel, you’ll be able to act promptly.

First aid training can also build a sense of community with other boating participants. It means you know you can support and contribute to one another’s safety.

Dorset is one of the most popular parts of the UK for water sports, including sailing, kayaking, and boat tours. 

No matter if you work as a skipper or powerboat instructor, we can provide you with a working knowledge of first aid.

Our RYA first aid course can benefit you in many ways including preparing you for medical emergencies where assistance is a long way away. This training is also great for those working on lakes and rivers, estuaries and cross channel passages.

Fresh Air Training is ideal for those looking to undertake a RYA first aid course in Dorset.

Subjects you’ll cover during this training include administering CPR, including the drowning protocol; dealing with cold shock and hypothermia from immersion; and exposure to seasickness and dehydration.

You will also learn how to perform medical assistance or advice by VHF, along with learning about helicopter rescues.

This course is recommended by the MCA and HSE and there’s excellent discounts for group bookings. Along with being an RYA approved training centre, we also offer a range of first aid courses for those working with children.

Find out more about our RYA first aid course in Dorset. Or get in touch with our friendly team for more information.