Stay Safe when Boating with our RYA First Aid Course in Hampshire

Boating is one of the most enjoyable and popular of all watersports, but it’s not without its dangers. If an accident occurs in a remote location, crew can be at risk of such dangers as hypothermia and cold shock, or near drowning in stormy weather.

No matter if you go sailing on inland waters or out at sea, learning first aid is crucial. 

Whether you love sailing, windsurfing or work as a powerboat instructor, our RYA First Aid course in Hampshire covers a wide range of subjects. All first aid topics in this course are viewed from a boating perspective. 

Be prepared for any medical emergency, whether on a river, lake or at sea. 

Once you’ve completed our RYA first aid course in Hampshire, you’ll have the knowledge to save life even in the remotest locations. Because it’s a one-day course, it’s easy to fit into your current schedule. 

Who is our RYA First Aid Course in Hampshire suitable for?

We welcome anyone who works or enjoys spending time out on the water. Whether you’re a professional skipper of a small craft, safety boat driver or RYA sailing instructor, we would love to help. 

Recommended by the MCA and HSE, we cover a range of topics during the course, including how to deliver the recovery position in a confined space. You’ll also learn CPR, including the drowning protocol; how to deal with cold shock and hypothermia; medical assistance or advice by VHF; and helicopter rescues. 

Our RYA first aid course can be booked individually, but we’re able to offer excellent discounts for group bookings. 

Find out more about our RYA First Aid Course or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.