Night Navigation

Planning to walk in the dark is great fun if you have the skills to navigate safely and if you find yourself needing to do it in an emergency situation having the experience to fall back on is invaluable. Between late autumn and spring, reduced hours of daylight, combined with more testing weather conditions than summer, provide an additional challenge. This often slows people down and there’s an increased risk of spending unplanned time out on your walk as darkness falls .Our sessions are aimed at giving you the opportunity to safely and comfortably gain experience and skills operating at night and in poor visibility, so if you do ever need to do it ‘for real’ you’ve got the knowledge and experience to draw on.

Our personalised training is ideal for beginners with no experience or people who want to take their own skills further.

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We will be out for 4 hours so bring a snack and something to drink. You will need your normal walking kit as well as a torch, head torches are great as they leave your hands free. You will also need an OL22 map and a compass if you have them. Fresh air training has maps and compasses to borrow if you need to.

We will cover a range of skills suitable to your personal needs, navigation is about learning the skills you need whilst enjoying the forest at night, rather than walking for miles .

Talk to our team about your booking and tell us about the type of walking you do and what you hope to gain from the evening. We have a range of locations we use throughout the New Forest so we can personalise the session to meet your needs.

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If you have more to ask, are looking for a bespoke option, or if there isn’t a date that quite suits you, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do - we can often schedule an open session to suit you in a location of your choice. Please call: 01590 612509 or send an email to:

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